The Wine Marketing Exchange is Breaking Conventions


The Insights, Technology & People Disrupting Wine Marketing

May 3, 2018

At the 2018 Wine Marketing Exchange, we took things up a notch and we had more speakers with broader experiences and more provocative things to say than ever before. This year we also launched The Vinnie Awards, honoring excellence in wine marketing.

Seating at the Wine Marketing Exchange events is limited and attendance is by invitation only. Use the link below to review some details of past events.


No matter which wine brand you lead or marketing discipline you’re in – Brand Management, Customer Experience, CRM & Loyalty, Digital, Mobile, Social & Direct Marketing, Analytics or Creative – this day is for you. Here’s what’s in store:

9:00 Registration

9:30 Welcome

Our Master of Ceremonies, Dr. Damien Wilson (SSU Wine Business Institute) outlines the day ahead and will ensure that you, our expert audience, is part of the conversation.

9:40 Wine Business & Consumer Insights for 2018

Three of the wine industry’s most authoritative voices assess current conditions and provide unique forecasts based on economic and behavioral trends. Rob McMillan (Industry), Dale Stratton (Wholesale) and Mary Jo Dale (Consumer) will each explore three major trends driving their respective sector.

10:30 Experience Marketing: The Art of Engagement

A couple walk into a tasting room. They sip and spit and leave. What didn’t happen? What can you do about it? How do you create more memorable experiences with both customers and prospects? In this panel moderated by Keith Bruce (F1 Racing Experiences) Brian Baker (Chateau Montelena), Michelle Perry (Constellation), Kashy Khaledi (Ashes & Diamonds) provide the inspiration and know-how needed to improve every customer interaction.

11:20 Break

11:30 Integrated Marketing: Maximizing Impact

More than simply having a shared look or message, integrated marketing is about coordinating across multiple channels while respecting the strengths of each. Dr. Liz Thach, MW (Distinguished Professor of Wine SSU) shows you how an integrated approach to your strategy and action plan will deliver greater impact to your bottom line.

12:00 Wine Closures: A History of Innovation

Sheri Morano, MW traces the history of wine closures, highlighting breakthroughs in performance, design and sustainability. She’ll provide an overview of the different types of closures available today and how to choose the one that’s best suited for your wine and your brand.

12:30 Lunch

1:15 Winning at Retail in a Changing Marketplace

It’s no secret that some brands vastly outperform others on the shelf, online, and over time. What do they know that you don’t? Dan Schuette (HEB), Michael Osborn ( and Debbie Zachareas (Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant) show you what works at retail and what doesn’t. Because the cash register does not lie.

2:05 Connection & Conversion in the Digital Sphere

Digital influences half of all of in-store purchases. eCommerce represents nearly 10% of retail sales. Amazing statistics. Too bad they don’t apply to wine. In this session moderated by Paul Mabray ( &emdash; Joe Rosenberg (Google), Chad Richard (Yelp) and Peter Oberdorfer (Tactic) will show you how to up your game with search, social, mobile, email, influencer, content, and data.

3:00 The Vinnie Awards Ceremony

The entries have been shortlisted. The work has been vetted. The judges have made their selections. Now it’s time to see which work represents the greatest achievement in wine marketing.

3:30 Wine Time


Use the link below to review details of past events.


The 2018 Wine Marketing Exchange is hosted by Wine Business Institute at Sonoma State University in the new Wine Spectator Learning Center.